Stockholm: Saudi prince to finance mosque

Stockholm: Saudi prince to finance mosque

The 'million program' district of Tensta, is about to have Stockholm's largest mosques. A giant building (11,000 sqm) of Andalusian style is planned at the outskirts of the suburb, clearly visible from the E18.

"There are lots of Muslims in northern Stockholm who today have to have to be content with going to associations [mosques] in cellars. We'll build a big mosque for them with place for 3,000 visitors," says imam Abdel Karim Laallam of the Stockholm's Grand Mosque Foundation, which bought the land already in the 1990s.

The plans have been around for a while, but it's only now that there's economic possibilities - and that's thank to oil money.

Prince Abdulazizi ben Fahd – the son of former Saudi king Fahd - will bear the full cost, estimated at 350-400 million Swedish Kroner.

"He wants to give a gift to honor his deceased father," says Abdel Karim Laalam.

The City Planning Department will make a decision on this in April.

Source: Metro (Swedish)

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