Oslo: Man (23) charged with marrying his cousin (14)

Oslo: Man (23) charged with marrying his cousin (14)

A 23 year old man is suspected of marrying his 14 year old cousin in Oslo before Christmas 2007.

An imam conducted the ceremony in the presence of close family from both sides, and the marriage was contracted with permission from both sides' parents.

Afterward the girl said several times that she barely understood what went on before Christmas 2007. She was only 14 years old, reports Dagbladet.

According to the girl's statement, since the beginning of 2008, the 23 year old forced her to have sex.

The Children's Welfare Agency knew about the case a month after the girl moved in with her husband in an apartment in Oslo at the end of the year. She was affected both mentally and physically by this, her school work suffered and the teachers responded. The school's minority coordinator was called in, and after a while the girl started telling her story.

She said she was rejected by her own family when she said that she wanted out of the marriage with her cousin.

The school contacted the children's welfare agency, who started an investigation and called in family member for talks.

On March 7th, the Children's Welfare Agency decide to move the girl to a secret address. On March 11, the Oslo municipality informed the police of the relationship. Investigators took action against the husband, his family and the girl's family March 22.

The 23 year old was remanded in an Oslo court, but the court decision was not published. According to the paper, the man was since remanded for 14 more days with restrictions, and he denies guilt.

Source: VG (Norwegian)

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