Netherlands: Moroccans to vote for Cohen

Netherlands: Moroccans to vote for Cohen

Job Cohen, the Jewish mayor of Amsterdam, resigned in order to lead the Labor Party in the upcoming national elections, taking over from Wouter Bos.


"The first generation Moroccans in the Netherlands will be more inclined to vote for PvdA [Labor] with Job Cohen at the helm than with Wouter Bos as leader," Farid Azarkan, chairman of the SMN (Moroccan Collaboration in the Netherlands), said Monday.

According to Azarkan, Coehn is much more of a statesman and 'Vader des Vaderlands' (father of the fatherland) in the eyes of many Moroccans, than Bos.  "In this group there's a need for a man of the stature of van Kok and Den Uyl."

Azarkan also things that Cohen will provide for more bonds.  "Cohen is less businesslike than Bos, and moreover brings his experience of the streets."

The SMN chairman thinks that it will be an exiting elections battle on June 9th.  "I expect that many people will a strategic vote for a party that deals decently with people.  Maybe people who wanted to vote for D66 and GroenLinks will change over to the PvdA owing to Cohen."

Nadia Bouras, researchers, says that the Moroccan community regrets Cohen's departure from Amsterdam.  For her thesis she researches the migration of Moroccans to the Netherlands.  Bouras is at the same time happy that Cohen is going to the Hague so that he can represent the entire country.  "His tone and kindness are commended, he's a relief in the political violence."

Her acquaintances see Eberhard Van der Laan as a good successor to Cohen, says Bouras.  "I hear his name often these days.  Taking his background into account, he's seen by many Moroccans as a good successor."

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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