US: Wilders backs out of film premiere

US: Wilders backs out of film premiere

The Christian Action Network (CAN) decided to make a film about Geert Wilders after seeing him speak in public in Boca Raton, Florida. CAN President Martin Mawyer says he was impressed by the politician's views on Islam: "We thought that churches and leaders from the religious movement needed to hear his words so we decided to take that speech, his Fitna film, and a description of Mr Wilders' problems in the Netherlands in producing Fitna, put it altogether and produce a film called Islam Rising."

'Islam Rising: Geert Wilders' Warning to the West' was produced by PRB films and is a montage of clips from Fitna including images of hostages with guns being held to their heads and radical Muslims preaching hate at a gathering in London. It also includes news footage of the PVV leader.

The film was due to be premiered on May 1 in Los Angeles and Mr Wilders originally said he was 'honoured' to be invited. But he backtracked on Wednesday over comments allegedly made by Martin Mawyer, that gay people are child abusers with a filthy sickness, saying: "I don't want to be personally associated with that."

CAN says the screening won't go ahead as planned but Martin Mawyer says the decision isn't embarassing for the group: "We understand that in this movement to fight Jihad and radical extremism in the Muslim world, there's going to be a variety of people with different political viewpoints. Our viewpoint on homosexuality differs from Mr Wilders' and I can understand he has some objections to our biblical views on homosexuality."

Source: RNW (English)

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