Leicester: Muslim school's admission policies ruled 'unlawful'

Leicester: Muslim school's admission policies ruled 'unlawful'

Leicester's state Islamic school has been told its admissions criteria are "unlawful" because they discriminate against a Muslim group.

The Schools Adjudicator ruled that it was wrong Madani High gave Sunni Muslims priority over Shias.

The school's policy also breaks the Sex Discrimination Act by turning away pupils to create the same number of boys and girls.

It is the second time in two years the Evington Valley Road school has been judged to have an unlawful admissions policy.

The adjudicator said it was possible Madani – which has dropped its commitment to having 10% non-Muslim pupils – would not have been approved if people thought it favoured one denomination.

The school's admissions policy says priority is given to Muslim children, and defines "Muslim" as four named groups , which are all Sunni.

Chairman of governors Hussein Suleman said there was never any intention to exclude any Muslim group, and the school was already consulting on a revised admissions policy.

"This is creating divisions which don't exist," he said.

He said the school would comply with the ruling "without compromising our philosophy".


Source: Leicester Mercury

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