Netherlands: Wife and baby as antidote against terrorism

Netherlands: Wife and baby as antidote against terrorism

"In the battles against Islamic radicalizing, emphasis in the Netherlands is too often laid on the effect of an 'ideological contra-message'. Purposely spreading 'moderate Islam' or the efforts of liberal imams rarely influence the thoughts of potential Jihadists. A job, getting married and a child make a better remedy."

This according to a study by the AIVD, the Dutch intelligence service. The service analyzed data on twenty men who - between 2001 and 2009 - developed activities for Jihad and had meanwhile stopped.

This concerns men who, according to the service, were completely convinced of violent notions, who called on the internet to Jiahd, who prepared to go on Jihad or to commit on attack in the Netherlands. The service does not name names, but it might be members of the Hofstad network or the Piranha group (around Samir Azzouz).

In the study, which was sent to parliament on Tuesday, the service emphasizes the importance of a job and building a family.

Most 'suburban living' men from the study continued to hold a Jihadist ideology, but they ceased their radical behavior. They did not actively propagate or carry on Jihad any longer. And thereby the acute threat emanating from them decreased. That effect is desirable, says the service.

Source: Volkkrant (Dutch)

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