UK: We're number 2!

UK: We're number 2!

'Islam in Europe' was named the #2 most influential 'pro-Islamic' political blog in the UK by British counterterror officials.

The study can be downloaded here (in PDF)


British counterterror officials have named the top 20 most influential “pro-Islamic” political bloggers.

The list, compiled by the Government’s counter-terrorism communications unit, appears in a report on the scale and influence of Islamic bloggers in Britain.

The tracking exercise found that a network of Islamic bloggers who write about British politics is reaching “a critical mass”, despite being relatively small.

The research, which was conducted in 2008 but only published yesterday, aimed to find new ways of communicating the Government’s anti-terror message to people in the Muslim community who are not reachable through the mainstream media.

But the study found that Islamic bloggers in fact draw much of their information from the mainstream media, such as the BBC website.

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David Stevens of Nottingham University, who conducted the research, identified 140 pro-Islamic blogs on the internet.

"Compared with other political blogging communities this is not terribly high," his study says.

"As suspected, any pro-Islamic blogging community is likely to be still in its early stages of development in quantitative terms. However the existence of Islamic blog-feed sites (that list recent posts across Islamic blogs in one place) indicates that the community is reaching something of a critical mass."

The anti-Islamic blogging community is much larger than the pro-Islamic network, the study found.


Source: Daily Telegraph (English)

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