Belgium: Prisoner goes amok after losing Ramadan privileges

Belgium: Prisoner goes amok after losing Ramadan privileges

Another incident of extreme violence in a Limburg prison. Last Saturday a warden was beaten by Jamal El Khaoui (20), AKA 'the Little Pirate', in the juvenile prison in Tongeren, incapacitating him from work for six weeks.

"It's time that the management stops with policy of pampering detainees. We demand that aggressive prisoners get more severe sanctions,' say the personnel.

"The incident happened Saturday afternoon," says a colleague of the beaten warden. "One of our wardens caught El Khaoui, who's in the middle of Ramadan, smoking. But the rule in our prison is that whoever smokes during Ramadan, Ramadan is immediately over for him."

Bruised Ribs

The prisoner couldn't live with that. At least five wardens tried to keep the prisoner under control, but even that didn't succeed. The prisoner managed to get hold of a chair with which he beat down a warden. In the hospital it turned out that the warden suffered several severely bruised ribs, and would be incapacitated from work for 4-6 weeks.


El Khaoui is not a little boy. 'The Little Pirate' raped at least five women around the Antwerp Sportpaleis when he was 17. He was first arrested when he was 12, reports Het Belang van Limburg.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

VRT has a video report on the incident (in English), though they avoid any mention of Ramadan.