Bulgaria: Mufti battle turns into mosque fist-fight

Bulgaria: Mufti battle turns into mosque fist-fight

Via Novinite:

The famous Dzumaya mosque in Bulgaria’s second largest city of Plovdiv became the scene of a fist fight among 200 Bulgarian Muslims in the eve of their holiest month of Ramadan.

The brawl erupted when supporters of the two fractions – of Nedim Gendzhev and Mustafa Ali Hadzhi clashed late Tuesday evening. Eyewitnesses say they saw three Members of the Parliament from the ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) being drunk and some people in the crowd fighting with knifes.

DPS firmly deny any involvement in the scuffle.

According to Gendzhev’s supporters, the clash began when about 100 people associated with Hadzhi stormed inside the mosque. Several individuals, including one security guard, have sustained light injuries and thorn clothes while the damage to the mosque consisted of broken windows. The fight was broken by the police.

Gendzhev’s people insist their adversary paid Roma from the Plovdiv Stolipinovo district to attack the prayer service.


Via Earth Times:

The fist-fight, which involved some 200 people, broke out at evening prayer between the supporters of newly-elected head mufti Mustafa Hadzhi and those of his predecessor Nedim Gendzhev.

Despite reports that some of the brawlers had been armed with knives, only slight injuries were reported after police broke up the crowd.

"It was total chaos, as if Satan had arrived," said one eyewitness according to the daily Trud newspaper.