UK: Police ask to ban EDL demo

UK: Police ask to ban EDL demo

Via Daily Mail:

A chief constable is seeking emergency powers to ban the far-Right English Defence League from marching through a city's Muslim neighbourhood, amid fears it could provoke widespread violence.

Up to 10,000 EDL supporters are expected to descend on Bradford over the bank holiday weekend in what is claimed will be a rally against Islamic extremism.

But residents fear the provocative march could cause a repeat of the 2001 race riots.

Then, the West Yorkshire city suffered violent clashes between white and Asian youths after a demonstration by the National Front.

Police now face the prospect of clashes between the EDL and the Left-wing Unite against Fascism group, which plans a counter-protest in Bradford on the same day, as well as outraged local Muslims.

Sir Norman Bettison, chief constable of the West Yorkshire force, has asked Home Secretary Theresa May for permission for a ban on all marches in the city for three days from Saturday, August 28.