UK: Terror warning over Muslims radicalised in prisons

UK: Terror warning over Muslims radicalised in prisons

Amnesty International recently published a report about the UK's use of control orders which said that terrorism should be dealt with by the criminal justice system. I related to this idea in an article on JURIST, the University of Pittsburgh School of Law site.

News stories like this emphasize how simplistic Amnesty's solutions are. It's not news that Muslims are radicalized in prisons. You can enter the criminal justice system a non-Muslim criminal and exit a Muslim terrorist. It's easy to say we want terrorists in regular prisons, but you then also have to explain how you deal with such problems.

It's ironic. If you're brainwashed by Muslim terrorists while under government care, Amnesty would do nothing to protect you, but if you then go out to wage battle against civilians, they will be there for you every step of the way.

Via AFP:

Hundreds of Muslims radicalised in British prisons could launch a "new wave" of homegrown terrorism against the country with lone attacks that are difficult to prevent, experts warned Friday.

Some 800 "potentially violent radicals" might emerge from the prison system in coming years after being successfully targeted by jihadists in high-security institutions, said a report from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

The highly-motivated but poorly-trained individuals would be sent out to try their luck, as terrorists shift their focus from mounting large-scale, coordinated attacks, said the journal of the defence and security think-tank.

It added that Britain had the greatest to fear from homegrown terrorism of any country in the West and conditions were such that terrorists could strike at any time.

"Jihadist radicalisation is believed by the prison authorities to be taking place at a rapid rate," said the report, entitled "Terrorism: The New Wave".