Vienna: Controversial slogans not racist, says Freedom Party

Vienna: Controversial slogans not racist, says Freedom Party


Via Deutsche Welle:

Austria's far right Freedom Party (FPO) is causing outrage with its advertising campaign for upcoming Vienna city elections. Its posters have been described as racist, dangerous and reminiscent of Nazi slogans.

The slogan causing all the fuss appears in bold letters across huge billboards next to the smiling face of Freedom Party leader Heinz Christian Strache. "Mehr Mut für Wiener Blut" - more courage for Viennese Blood. The next rhyming line goes on to say - too many foreigners does no one any good.

The phrase draws on the title of a Strauss operetta popular early last century, as well as a hit song from the 1980's by Austrian rocker Falco. But the Social Democrats who currently hold power in Vienna say it's straight out of the Nazis' vocabulary, emphasizing purity of race and blood.


"The question of whether Häupl can keep the absolute majority or lose it partly because of the strength of the FPO can make or break Faymann's political future," Frey said.

Vienna is a city where every second household has at least one member of migrant background. Even in the time of Johann Strauss, it was a city of migrants from all parts of central Europe. In eight weeks, the multi-cultural city will give its verdict on the Freedom Party's exploitation of one of their best known traditions.