Denmark: ROJ TV charged with terrorism

Denmark: ROJ TV charged with terrorism

Manouchehr Zonoozi (former ROJ TV director) and
Metin Yüce (ROJ NV director/Belgium) with the troops

Via Politiken:
Justice Minister Lars Barfoed (Cons) has decided to call for the indictment of the Denmark-based Roj-TV station for supporting terrorism, according to Prosecutor-General Jørgen Steen Sørensen in a news release.

Roj-TV and Mesopotamia Broadcast A/S METV are to be charged under Paragraph 114 of the Anti-terrorism Act which makes it an offence to further the activities of a person, group of people or association which either does or plans to commit acts of terrorism.

According to the prosecutor-general the indictment will include charges that the station has repeatedly broadcast programmes and interviews with PKK sympathisers and leaders as well as reports from fighting between Kurds and the Turkish authorities in order to ‘further the activities of the terrorist organisation PKK/Konga Gel’.

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