Copenhagen: Ramadan is cause of riots, says police (UPDATE: Criticism)

Copenhagen: Ramadan is cause of riots, says police

Twelve youth were caught by the police Sunday evening in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, after setting fires and overturning a car, and driven home to their parents. The police are blaming the lack of sugar balance.

The police are out in mass in the area around Sjællandsgade and Stevnsgade, where the trouble broke out.

"It's now Ramadan and it is our impression that the unstable eating patterns combined with the fact that the youth have nothing to do in the evening causes problems. We see this every year. But nobody was injured and nobody was really arrested," says Mads Firlings of the Copenhagen police.

Police expect that the troubles will die out now that the police is present in the area.

Source: Ekstrabladet (Danish), h/t Astute Bloggers


The Islamic Faith-Society is critical of the Copenhagen police (DA) for saying Ramadan and the fast is the indirect cause for youth causing problems in the streets.

"It's has no link to reality," says spokesperson Imran Shah of the Islamic Faith-Society.

Mads Firlings' statement is absurd, says Imran Shah.

"The police are doing a good job for the citizens by preventing maladjusted youth from disturbing the public order. But the Copenhagen police should be very careful in concluding why the youth are acting they way they do."

Does this mean that the youth fast the rest of the year, if they cause trouble, he asks. "These young people most likely don't fast and devote themselves to their religion," says spokesperson Imran Shah and offers the Copenhagen police an introduction as to how Ramadan and the fast "really" affect people.