Flanders: TV and radio by and for Muslims

Flanders: TV and radio by and for Muslims


The Muslim Executive has been trying to get broadcasting time since 2006.


If it depends on the Muslim Executive, the public broadcasters will send radio and TV programs made by and for Muslims starting January 1st, 2011. The Executive, which represents all Muslims in Belgium, wants to be allowed to broadcast as a third party, reports De Morgen.

This year third parties - life-philosophy and social-economic organizations - created 64 hours and 14 minutes of radio and 50 hours of TV. The Flemish government subsides these broadcasts on the public broadcaster. In 2010, Flanders spent 50,808 euros on radio broadcasts and 1,448,000 euros on TV broadcasts by third parties. This sum is divided among six organizations: Catholic, Humanist, Orthodox, Protestant, Jews and the Gezinsbond (family union) .

But this is going to change. Flemish Media Minister Ingrid Lieten will issue a tender next month for new candidates for third party broadcasts. The Muslim Executive will be first in line, says spokesperson Mohamed Achaibi. "The Muslim community in Belgium is somewhat behind when ti comes to using the media. With third-party broadcasts we hope to correctly inform public opinion. We'll explain Islam differently and better. Now there's still too many misunderstandings."

Source: HLN (Dutch)