Odense: Bus drivers shouldn't fast and drive

Odense: Bus drivers shouldn't fast and drive

Muslim bus drivers shouldn't work during Ramadan, says the Danish People's Party in Odense. The party sent a letter to the FynBus transportation company, asking them to give Muslim drivers a vacation on Ramadan.

"When you fast, you're not physically able to drive a bus with many passengers. I want to clearly advise the bus companies to send their Muslim workers home on vacation," says Alex Ahrendtsen, member of the Odense city council.

He thinks bus drivers who are tired and hungry could be a traffic safety risk.

Kim Christiansen, traffic-policy spokesperson for the DPP, disagrees. Bus-drivers need to be alert, he says, but deciding that Muslims should have vacation on Ramadan is going too far.

Source: Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish)