France: No more halal meals for national team

France: No more halal meals for national team

(Blanc interview)

In June former French footballer Vikash Dhorasoo wrote on his blog that the French team eats halal. This week the national team's head coach confirmed this had been the case. Not anymore, though.

After the French fiasco of the World Cup, Laurent Blanc took over as the team manager. In order to rebuild the team and its cohesiveness, he set a few new rules, one of which was putting an end to the team's halal meals. These meals were prepared on the eve of every match.

The team's halal meals were started by Raymond Domenech, the former head coach. Historian Pascal Blanchard says that the coach introduced halal food to all players in order to avoid tensions between certain players. Everybody would eat the same food.

Laurent Blanc decided to go back to the original setup: same food for all, with halal option for those who want it.

Source: Yabiladi (French)