Netherlands: Christian Democrats oppose deal with anti-Islam party

Netherlands: Christian Democrats oppose deal with anti-Islam party


The letter, signed by local and regional party activists, is published online here (NL). Supporters are asked to sign the petition, but the signatures do not appear online.

A recent survey showed that 78% of CDA voters hope the negotiations between the parties will lead to a coalition partnership. According to a Synovate poll, if electinos were held today, the PVV would get 31 seats.

Via Expatica:

A group of Dutch Christian Democrat (CDA) published an open letter Thursday opposing any coalition partnership with the anti-Islam PVV party led by Geert Wilders.

The strongly worded statement, which accused the PVV of stigmatising minorities, cast a shadow on coalition talks which began Monday.

"In its political statements and electoral platform, the PVV has gone against many of our fundamental rights, notably the right to equal treatment and the right to freely practice religion according to one's beliefs," the group of 44 CDA members wrote in a letter published in the Christian daily Trouv.


"The PVV stigmatises a large minority of our population and in fact makes it the scapegoat of nearly all our social problems. The PVV is not only a threat to the freedom of muslims, but to our rule of law and our freedom," the letter said.