Bremen: Immigrants responsible for 70% of juvenile crimes

Bremen: Immigrants responsible for 70% of juvenile crimes

In her book "Das Ende der Geduld" (When Patience comes to an End), Berlin juvenile court judge Kirsen Heisig (48) describes the increase in youth violence. Most multiple offenders are young Turks and members of the Lebanese family clans, two groups which both Bremen and Heisig's investigations suffered from.

Former juvenile court judge Hans-Gerd Fischer and social worker Friedhelm Stock met yesterday in Bremen for a discussion on the book.

Judge Fischer: "71% of the youth crimes are committed by immigrants. Until now nobody wanted to say anything, so as not to look like a xenophobe. Thus we allowed a parallel society, which is readying huge problems for us."

Social worker Stock: "Many immigrants experience violence very early. Among the families we serve, 25% of the foreign men beat their wives. Among our German clients, it's six percent." [Ed: According to a gov't study in 2004, 25% of German women and 50% of immigrants women suffered from domestic violence]

Fischer says one solution would be fast sentencing. "In Bremen it takes many months until young criminals appear before a judge. They should be tried and punished immediately."

Judge Heisig fought for this model. She committed suicide two month ago, but many want to continue her battle, hopefully also in Bremen.

Source: BILD (German), h/t Bicouac-ID

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