Norway: 'Neither Christians nor Jews could have done something like this'

Norway: 'Neither Christians nor Jews could have done something like this'

Members of the Islamic community in Fredrikstad saw red when a swastika and 'oink Allah' were painted on the mosque in the city center. [Update: I translated as-is, but looking at the picture, it actually says "oink" and "Allah is a [picture of a pig]" ]

Those who came extra early for the afternoon prayer Thursday were shocked when they saw what was done in what they call pure provocation.

Husein Hasanaid was there early. He thinks it's sad that a few want to cause problems for many.

"We don't want to cause problems to anybody, and then this happens," he says.

Sveral passers-by stop and shake their heads at the crime.

Mohammed Hamzaoui, spokesperson for the Islamic association in Fredrikstad also does so.

"Why would somebody do something like this. Of all the things that can provoke, this is the worst. People come here to have peace around them. He says that he was really mad when he was told on the phone what had happened.

"Here we try as best as we can to behave nicely, and tell all those who come here that you should respect Norwegian society, laws and regulations. This shows that there are extremists everywhere."

It's not the first time that the mosque was vandalized. Several times it suffered from graffiti and broken windows. In addition, members have had to suffer racist remarks in the six years they've been in the center of town. He doesn't hide that they are considering moving to new premises outside the city center, even though they had invested many hours in renovations.

"All members will react harshly. You can bully me, my children or my parents. But to write that way about Allah, then we see red. I'm am so upset and provoked."

To have both the swastika and pig linked to Allah's name, is the worst thing, he says.

"Neither Christians nor Jews could have done something like this. This is somebody who has neither respect nor faith," he says.

The matter will be reported to the police.

"That this happens in the middle of Ramadan is especially difficult. In this month we reinforce our faith, so we will paint over it as fast as we can," he says.

Source: Fredriksstad Blad (Norway)