Stockholm: Tougher rules against skipping swimming, sex-ed classes

Stockholm: Tougher rules against skipping swimming, sex-ed classes

Via SR:
From Thursday Stockholm's city authority is bringing in tougher rules, designed to stop parents keeping their children out of some classes.

Now only the head teacher can decide to allow a pupil to skip a subject such as sex education. And if a child doesn't take part in this subject this will mean they'll have gaps in their qualifications when they finish school.


Lotta Edholm, liberal party politician on Stockholm council:

"We know that about 12-13% of all children in the schools of Stockholm are not allowed to take part in certain lessons, especially when it comes to learning how to swim and in some religious subjects, and also when it comes to knowing about sex and that sort of things"


"They are due to religious and cultural reasons. The same kinds of reasons that maybe, for instance, girls are not being allowed to marry whoever they like, or girls not being permitted to hang around with their friends and so on. Some families are very strict when it comes to those matters, and this is one of the grounds for that kind of repression."

Full interview here (in English).

Muslims aren't mentioned even once in either the article or the radio interview, but does anybody even have to?

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