Spain: Muslims fighting municipal burka ban

Spain: Muslims fighting municipal burka ban

Via ThinkSpain:

MUSLIMS in Lleida have presented six written complaints to the city council over its decision to ban the burkha in public buildings.

The Watani Association for Freedom and Justice has said that if local authorities do not respond to their complaints, they will take the matter to the court.

Head of the association, Mourad El-Boudouhi, says the city council 'does not have the legal right' to impose such a ban and that there is no higher law applicable in either the region or the country allowing them to do so.

El-Boudouhi says it is a 'violation of freedom of religion', a freedom that is contained in the Spanish Constitution, and therefore a breach of human rights as well as discrimination.

The association says the city council is discriminating against women and curtailing their rights.

“Nobody has the right to speak for, or decide for, these women,” stresses El-Boudouhi.