Belgium: Honor murder statistics

According to a study of the Belgian federal police and presented in the Senate, one honor murder is committed every four months in the country.  A honor murder is a murder in which a woman is killed because she had endangered the honor of the family, for example, but having a relationship with a Belgian man or getting pregnant by him.

Until now there hasn't been any data about honor murder.  The Federal police undertook a study and in the past five years registered 17 honor murders.  Most of the victims are women, but not always.  In some cases, the murder was preceded by years of abuse and threats.  An honor murder often involves dozens of accomplices from closed, not-integrated  immigrant communities, most from the lower classes.  The perpetrators are not always Muslims.  The mothers of the victims also participate, often even from conviction.

The murders are committed due to racism, especially against Belgian and blacks, and due to sexism.  Women are considered minors by the murderers.  It's striking that the younger generation crosses over to violence faster than the older generation, which first tries to negotiate.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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