Belgium: Police to explain terrorism policy in mosques

Nordin Taouil, spokesperson for the Great Mosque in Brussels, says that the police will be welcomed with open arms. The head of the Federal Criminal Investigation Department, Glen Audenaert, had said that his will visit Belgian mosques to explain the policy against terrorism.

Taouil hopes that the Muslim community won't be targeted in the fight against terrorism. It's the responsibility of everybody, he says.

Audenaert says that they are not out to persecute Muslims, but to protect them. "I will extend a hand to the Muslim community, make it clear to them that we are for them."

According to the police chief, the continuing terrorism alert is justified in Belgium and especially in Brussels. He says that at the appropriate time they will inform the population and then everybody will understand why the alert had lasted for so long.

Sources: Brussel Nieuws , HLN (Dutch)

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Norazizah said...

what exactly happened?
can anybody explain to me?
is it too hard to live in belgium as a proud muslim?