Denmark: Immigrant children learn to hate

With the recent uproar over a Hamas show calling to kill Danes, Denmark discovers hatred on Arab channels is not limited to the Arab world.


Many Danish families of Arabic background watch Arabic TV. This is noted especially by pedagogues, who experience hate expressions from the children.

"The Israelis and Bush are really disgusting and evil. When I'm big, I will pound them on the head." The words are those of a 4-year old girl in a kindergarten in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

Several institutions describe similar cases, while other kindergartens haven't experienced such things.

A kindergarten teacher tells of a little boy who last week said: "The Danes are really dumb. They hate all the Arabs and will slay us. But then I'll shoot them first."

The children say in several cases that they had heard that on TV. Most Danish families of Arabic background can see over 400 Arab channels via satellite.

Fatih Al-Abed, chairman of the Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association, says the the religious and extremist channels are popular. Many children are placed in front of Arab TV because the parents want them to learn the language, he says.

He points out that the parents don't always know what their children risk learning of the Arab children's programs.

Naser Khader, chairman of Ny Alliance, is personally acquainted of the problem of children in kindergartens who curse Danes, Jews and Americans.

The consequence is that children grow up with hate messages. Who knows if they'll keep them as grownups, he asks.

The children are not the only ones who are affected negatively by Arab TV. "Many families watch only Arab and religious channels. That means that many are mentally in the Middle East, even if they live in Denmark," says Naser Khader.

Fatih El-Abed agrees. "Many get a distorted image of reality. It's caused to high degree because they never see Danish TV and read Danish newspapers, but just get their information and news from Arab channels. They therefore see Denmark a the enemy, even if they live here," he says.

Arab TV is not just militant, Islamic messages. There are many Western programs there also.

Fatih El-Abed says that the viewer rates for Arabic X Factor and other entertainment programs go far beyond those of religious channels, also in Denmark.

Source: Nyhedsavisen (Danish)

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Koran is the Arab answer to Mein Kampf? Really? Well, my theory is the other way around and that Islam is not a religion but a mental disease.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a disease that affects a society as a whole. More Muslims, the worse the disease.

The disease manifests itself in hatred and violence towards anyone who is not part of the Muslim disease.

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Fatso said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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