Muslim population in European prisons

I saw a number mentioned in one newspaper article, and so went looking for more. I will add to this article as I discover more data.

Estimating the percentages of Muslims in prisons across Europe is not simple. In some cases, such as Sweden, collecting such data is illegal. In many cases, the numbers are only estimates.

I linked to my sources, but note that not all sources have the same reliability level. EUMAP - EU Research program, NEWS - mentioned in the news.

Belgium - 16% (12.8% Moroccans, 3.1% Turks) (EUMAP), 35% (NEWS)

Denmark - 20% (NEWS)

England+Wales - 11% (NEWS)

France - 50%-70% (NEWS, NEWS, NEWS)

Germany - 18% foreigners, lowest estimate for Muslims - 5% (EUMAP)

Italy - 40% foreigners, 8% Moroccans (NEWS), ~13% Muslims (NEWS)

The Netherlands: 20%, youth prisons - 26% (EUMAP)

Norway: Over 30% (NEWS)

Spain - 70% (NEWS)

Switzerland - 57.8% in Champ-Dollon prison (Champ-Dollon PDF)

August 6, 2009


Christopher Logan said...

It is time for the West to end all Muslim immigration.

Anonymous said...

how true!

Anonymous said...

But think of all the cultural enrichment they provide.

Anonymous said...

From the story about Spain's Muslim prison population: "The largest Islamic organization in the country, the Islamic Committee of Spain, has welcomed this initiative, taking into account that 70 percent of those in Spanish jails are Muslims, who number around 54,000."

Once again, the organizations who shill for the Islamofascists shamelessly demonstrate their uncanny ability to choose the perfectly wrong side of every issue. The fact that 70% of the prison population are Muslim is apparently irrelevant and nothing to be concerned or embarrassed about. The REAL issue is whether they can pray and eat consistently with the tenets of the religion that likely put them in jail in the first place. Nothing new here--it's perfectly consistent with CAIR's defense of terrorists in this country (Muslims slaughtering Americans? Eh. BUT THEY ARE OUTRAGED by unconfirmed reports that an American looked at a Muslim 7-11 clerk sideways when purchasing a Slurpee). Worthless. Evil.

Anonymous said...

In sweden about 40% of the inmates with swedish passes have "foreign background" And about 25% are not Swedish citizens. (and are usualy not counted in the statistics at all ... only mentioned in passing or fotnotes)

This information is readily availble but no further distinctions are made.

Anonymous said...

I edited clumpsy. 25% of the total swedish prison population are not citizens, of those who are 40% have a foregin background.

Unknown said...

The Dubai government seems almost proud that the number of Muslims in Spanish prisons is so high

Anonymous said...

and the rest (more than a half) is propably CATHOLICS!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Muslims believe in the miracle of Christ and embody his message more so than Christians and definitely more so than Jews - whom by the way deny his miraculous birth and role as a messenger of God.

Feel free to use this statistics to excercise your hate, just as the white supremesists use it in America to hate on blacks.

Anonymous said...

Muhammad only said he believed in Jesus to get converts. If he believed in the teachings of Jesus why does he flog adulterous women whereas Jesus saved the adulerous woman from death. Why does he chop off the hands of thieves whereas Jesus said give the thief your cloak. Why does he say 'an eye for an eye' whereas Jesus says 'turn the other cheek'. Why did Muhammad kill hundreds of people and enslave hundreds more whereas Jesus killed or enslaved no-one.
Jesus and Muhammad are opposites. Only one of them can worship god. You must choose whether your god believes in giving life or taking it away.

Anonymous said...

ok i am a muslim myself but yeah seriously laws are laws everyone should follow unless they are against a majority of the people
hmm some comment saying islam is evil n shit it is not true or that islam is against Christ
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PatrickHenry said...

"ok i am a muslim myself but yeah seriously laws are laws everyone should follow unless they are against a majority of the people"

The key phrase is, "Laws are laws everyone should follow unless they are against a majority of the people." Now you can bet your bottom dollar that when muslims are the majority of the people in Norway, your present laws against the following horrific crimes against humanity, will be declared null and void: 1. CHILD MARRIAGE (sanctioned muslim pedophile marriages, that is), 2. MURDER OF YOUR DAUGHTERS OR WIVES(as in "dishonor killings"), 3. and RAPE OF A FEMALE "WHORE" (as in a Norwegian woman who is dressed in conventional Western attire) WILL BE ERASED FROM YOUR CRIMINAL CODE!

Mark my words, if you let muslims become the majority of your wonderful country, or even close to a majority, those crimes, which are sanctioned by sharia laws, will become COMMONPLACE and LEGAL in Norway.

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Unknown said...

in my country 20% of all inmates are domestic 3 % are foreigners but 77% of people they couldnt determine ethnicy. but all of them a re foreigners.
but often the police is afraid to inprison a foreigner but when it comes for a local, hes quicly in prison.
ccountries that dont have foreigners can be very happy

Esther said...


Where do you live?

I think it's usually the opposite. It's much easier for police to arrest foreigners, who don't have as much access to lawyers and politicians.

Anonymous said...

From the above comment i was able to read that muhammed told he followed jesus only for converts,and muhammed believe in the law an eye for an eye,and jesus did the opposite,if jesus did it opposite we can see on the western culture as they r stuck to drugs,sex and discoveries of sins and also importing it to the world,is ths th jesus expected from his followers in future by his law......or did some strangers condradicted in his books as expeceted to b against jesus...first study what is jesus and where is the bible .....

Daphne said...

There are more witnesses to Jesus performing miracles than to any angel talking to Muhammad.
People follow Jesus because he was an ideal and people try to live up to an ideal. Most times they fail but that is because humans are weak and cannot meet the standards of god.
But surely it is better to aim for an impossible ideal than to flog adulterers, chop off thieves hands and kill people for thought crimes.
Islam is not the word of god. Any barbaric general could have devised such brutal punishments. Or Satan.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ok, Pardon my rant but.....

I'm so sick and tired of the Liberal fagots who wont do anything about the criminal Muslim population because it can be seen as a hate crime.

I'm tired of seeing the obscene amount of people dieing in Iraq and Afghanistan because if any Muslims die its a hate crime.

It enrages me that people who hate us are even allowed to live besides us.

Whats even more frustrating is how people stand and watch as others are hurt by these people.

The way I see things I'm still wondering why those POS Muslim countries haven't been turned into Fking glass yet, and I'm still wondering why the Western population still has not revolted against the hordes of Muslims invading their countries.

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As I see it "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum."(if you want peace prepare for war) -Vegetius

One Muslim said...

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P-nut said...

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herfeie said...

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