Flanders: Immigrants 20% of unemployed

A fifth of Flemish job-seekers are of non-European descent. That is more than was thought until now. A third of all Flemish immigrant job-seekers live in Antwerp, according to De Tijd.

A the basis of a more precise counting method of the VDAB, the number of job-seekers with non-European roots among the general unemployed has gone up from 16.9% to 19.7%. The number of people of Turkish or Maghrebian origin had not changed much. The difference is almost completely among the group of 'other' origin. Non-Turks and non-Maghrebians account for almost half of whole job-seekers with non-European roots.

45% of foreign job-seekers live in the Antwerp province. The city of Antwerp accounts for 33%. Among job seekers of EU origin, Antwerp contributes only 10%. Ghent follows far behind with 10% of immigrant unemployment, followed by Mechelen (4%) and Genk (3%).

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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