Pakistan: Dutch TV in al-Qaeda video

Harald Doornbos, a Dutch journalist currently in Pakistan, reports on his blog that al-Qaeda DVDs edited in Pakistan and Afghanistan are using video copied off Dutch TV.

The videos had been edited about three weeks ago and are not yet officially available, but Doornboos was able to get pictures.

He started watching the DVDs: they show Taliban fighters in Afghanistan setting up camp and later shoot on American troops. A Taliban commander taking a 16 year old kid to a car, with about 100 explosives in the back The kid gets into the car, drives on a mountain road towards an American patrol and blows himself up. The soldiers, Afghanis and apparently a few foreign troops, clap for the Afghani.

And suddenly, the logo of Dutch TV station Nederland 1 appears, together with Dutch subtitles.

The pictures, which are available on Doornbos' site, show two logos on the screen. In Arabic it says "Manba al Jihad" (Source of the Jihad), underneath, still in Arabic: Al Houda (The guidance). Both names represent al-Qaeda video production companies in Afghani and Pakistani tribe territory. They are fighter groups in Afghanistan, composed of Arabs and central-Asians (mostly al-Qaeda), together with local Afghanis and Pakistanis (mostly Taliban).

The video brings Dutch TV in order to show how an Afgani is hit by Western (maybe Dutch) and Afghani government soldiers.

The pictures are accompanied by a voice saying in Pashto: "They say that they came to help and to build our land, but this is what the infidels do." Throughout the video the same voice urges the viewers to fight against the infidels (kaffirs), with suicide attacks.

Doornbos assumes that al-Qaeda took the pictures off Dutch TV on the internet. He warns that the world is becoming a global village and that the Wilders' film would not be a local event.

What I find interesting is that this shows Dutch involvement. An Afghani without basic knowledge of Dutch would not have sat watching Dutch TV looking for relevant videos.

Source: Harryzzz (Dutch)

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