Denmark: Islamic Society accused of being radicals/apostates

Being called an apostate does not make one moderate. For example, in the Netherlands the most radical imams were/are considered apostates and traitors by members of the Hofstad network.


The Islamic Society in Denmark is under fire from Danish politicians after their spokesperson, Kassem Ahmad, participated in a Hizb ut-Tahrir protest, marching in the front.

Henriette Kjær of the Conservative party says that it's very destructive since it makes them untrustworthy. Politicians who want to have a dialog will stay away from them when their spokesperson actively takes part in a demonstration calling to overthrow Danish democracy.

The tone of the demonstration was irreconcilable and a spokesman raged against the Danish government. According to Jyllands-Posten, one of the speakers, Khalid Amin, made a direct threat against Danish society, saying 'how dare they provoke over a billion Muslims all over the world? Do they believe that we will forget? they believe that we have forgotten? We haven't forgotten and we will never forget." Saying that if last time the reactions were enough to give the Danish government a nervous breakdown, they should wait till the Muslims establish the Khilafah and unify the Islamic world under its banner.

Islamic Society spokesperson Kassem Ahmad was interviewed by Nyhedsavisen about his participation in the protest. He says he did so because he disagreed with the reprinting of the cartoons and wanted to show the youth that they can show their frustrations by demonstrating. It was a legal and peaceful demonstation. He doesn't think he's legitimizing the movement and has told them they have different agednas.

He says that Denmark is in a crisis and that instead of setting fires, they want to have a dialog about the ethical and moral boundaries for freedom of expression.

He says there's no reason for the Islamic Society to denounce Hizb ut-Tahrir since they have a different agenda than the Islamic Council and they have nothing to do with it.

A group of Muslims has meanwhile set up the "Loyal to the Prophet" website, where they call to boycott Danish companies. Saying that it's the least Muslims can do after what the Danes did to them.

They describe themselves as a group of Muslims who follow the Koran and Sunnah as it was in the days of the prophet and his followers. They are not extremists or modernists. They don't do takfir (declaring a Muslim an apostate) for ignorant Muslims, but only for their leaders. They say worldly justice is below Allah's laws, which are not democratic.

They accuse specific people in the Islamic Society of being apostates and call takfir upon them: Abdul Wahid Pedersen, Mostafa Chendid ('imam') and Kassem Ahmad, saying they realize that it's their personal opinion and that they don't expect any of the hypocrites to do takfir.

To prove their point they bring quotes from the Islamic Society website saying that people should deal with matters through the Danish judicial system.

They say they are not followers of Hizb ut-Tahrir, who they say talk a lot but do nothing, they only follow Muhammad and Allah.

To Ahmad Akkari, who says that there should be a 'dialog' they ask: Should we wait till they rape our mothers, sisters and daughters before we do something?"

Sources: Nyhedsavisen 1, 2 (Danish) h/t Helen Latifi's Small Talk (Danish)

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Stopmakingsense said...

Hizb Ut-Tahrir;

Its like inviting the devil into your living room and hoping that he'll burn you last.

You can neither work with, nor appease these creatures. The only thing they understand is a position of strength.