Netherlands: Smurf with a burka

The Smurka is a Smurf (or Smurfette) with a burka, created by Alwin Huber of Zoetermeer.

Last Friday thousands of plastic Smurf dolls were spread out in the streets of Scheveningen and The Hague in order to celebrate the 50th birthday of the famous comic and cartoon film.

The idea was that children will take the dolls, about 20cm high, and color or dress them. You could then send a photo to and compete for a prize.

However, the Smurka was rejected. Hendrik Coysman, of the Belgian company IMPS (which holds the rights to the Smurfs) explains that they did not want pornographic, political or religious situations. They would not have allowed a Smurf with a cross either.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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