Denmark: Honor crime count

The Danish police have been following up on reports of 'honor' crime for the past year and a half.

The Danish police say that about every 3 days, a woman comes in to lodge a complaint about 'honor' crime. From the numbers advertised it looks as though reports aren't evenly spread throughout the year. It is hard to fully figure this out, since every newspaper report presents the dates slightly differently, but I tried to make some sense of it.

June, 2006 - August, 2006: 50

August 2006 - July 2007: 154 (154 cases in 10 months -> 15.4 cases a month for Sep-Jun)

August 2006 - December 2007: 170 (+16 cases in 5 months -> 3.2 cases a month for Jul-Nov)

August 2006 - February 2008: 210 ( +40 cases in 2 months -> 20 cases a month for Dec-Jan)

Source: DR (Danish) h/t Hodja (Danish)

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