Denmark: Friday night riot roundup

All together there were 185 reported fires Friday evening all across Denmark in the seventh night of rioting. Police arrested 20 people, some as young as twelve, and released 9.

There are accusations from several sources that the immigrant youth have learned from the autonome riots that it pays to be violent. Almost a year ago and in October thousands of anarchist youth clashed with police on the streets of Copenhagen, leaving destruction in their wake and throwing stones at the police. In return they are currently in discussions about new youth center.

These riots are on a much smaller scale, with small groups of youth out in the streets setting fire mostly to cars and trash cans.

Most of the rioting centered around Copenhagen and its western suburbs, with about 100 fires reported. In Amager a building had to be evacuated. One of the residents interviewed, Shabana Ashraf, had just moved in the day before and had her car burned down.

Earlier in the evening about 1000 people marched in Copenhagen in a Hizb ut-Tahrir demonstration, against insulting Muhammad.

According to Justice Minister Lene Espersen, kids as young as 9-10 are taking part in the violence. She calls on their parents to keep their children at home in the evening.

Elsewhere in Denmark, in Aarhus, Kalundborg and Odense people were arrested for arson or arson attempts and attacking the police. There were attempts to set schools in Birkerød and Odense on fire. In Aarhus about 25 youth attacked a library, breaking the widows and setting fire ot the place. When the fire brigade showed up they yelled "This is the Muhammad crisis".

There were also a couple of fires reported in Hjørring in North Jutland. In Central and West Zealand it was relatively calm.

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