Sweden: Discrimination in judicial system

A new report has shown that Sweden's judicial system suffers from discrimination.

According to a study by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet - Brå), people with foreign backgrounds risk unfair treatment in Sweden's courts.

"The essential judicial agencies are aware of the problem, but discrimination can be difficult to work against and correct. Highlighting and fighting discrimination in the judicial system is one of the most important confidence building measures to which judicial agencies can devote themselves," said Jan Andersson , head of the Council for Crime Prevention.

The Council's report shows that within the judicial system there are preconceived notions about certain minority groups which can affect the judicial process.

Other examples in the report show that those who are foreign-born are sometimes considered less trustworthy than ethnic Swedes.

According to the Council, methods for battling discrimination include a more wide-ranging recruitment process and raising the status attributed to interpreters.

Source: The Local (English), Study page (Swedish)

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