Denmark: Saturday night riot roundup

Saturday night was much calmer all across Denmark, with various arson attacks reported here and there across the country. The papers seem to have toned down their reporting as well, without such headlines as 'Denmark on fire'.

The major occurrences were the evacuation of an apartment house in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen and the attack of four schools in Hundige, Helsingør, Kalundborg and a local college in Odense.

A couple of cars burned down in Oslo and Bergen (Norway), but it's unclear how or why.

Sources: Politiken 1, 2 (Danish), TV2 (Norwegian)


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Gary Fouse said...

I first visited Denmark in 1968, when I was a young American soldier stationed in Germany-and I fell in love with the country.

It saddens me to see that a country that I saw as being open and hospitable to foreigners has had that hospitality so abused.

Isn't it a universal principle that those who visit someone else's country or immigrate to it, should behave as guests?

gary fouse
California, usa