Norway: Unemployment among immigrants

According to data published by Norway Statistics (SSB) Wednesday, unemployment among immigrants is at a record low. In the 4th quarter of 2007 it was down to 4.4%. There were 9,193 registered unemployed immigration, about 2,000 less than the same time the year before.

The statistics include 1st generation immigrants, born abroad of foreign parents. Among the general population unemployment was at 1.3%.

Among non-Western immigrants, unemployment is highest among Africans, with an unemployment rate of 10.1%. The top unemployment rates are: Somalis (19.2%, 979), Congo (13.1%), Liberia (12.8%), Iraq (12.3%), Sudan (12.3%), Palestine (10.3%), Sierra Leone (10.3%), Syria (10.3%) and Algeria (10.2%).

Hassan Jama (22) says he hasn't worked much. He came to Norway from Somalia 8 years ago, and says he hasn't worked since he learned electrical work two years ago. He says he only worked for two months when he was 18. Today's he's not registered as unemployed and lives off social security.

When asked why unemployment is so high among Somalis he answers that it might be that many don't try to work. Hassan himself hadn't tried looking for work for the two days when he was registered as unemployed. Why doesn't he look for a job? Because he's afraid he won't get one and get a negative answer. he says he's looking for a place to train. He wants to work and says it's sad not to work. He does nothing all day, and says that he'll try to look for a job.

Among non-Western immigrants unemployment is lowest among Czech (0.8%), Nepalese (1.2%) and Hong-Kong Chinese (1.2%). Among Western immigrants, the Irish have the best unemployment rate (1.1%), and Greeks the worst (4.8%).

There was 4.6% unemployment among immigrant women, compared to 4.2% among men. SSB say that men have traditionally had more registered unemployed - especially among immigrants, and that the small majority of unemployed women might show that the current good economic situation has caused an increase of employment among immigrant women.

Source: TV2 (Norwegian) and SSB unemployment among immigrants site (Norwegian)

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