Denmark: Other Kurt Westergaards suffer from threats

Three weeks ago three people were arrested for planning to kill Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist who drew the famous 'bomb in the turban' Mohammed cartoon. But many of the 81 other Danes called Kurt Westergaard (with a 'v' or 'w') have also received death threats, either by phone or mail.

Nyhedsavisen had called over 20 of the Kurt Westergaards and found out that the Danish Security Service PET offers protection to some of them.

Inge Westergaard from Rødby is married to Kurt, and when called she said that just that Thursday an anonymous man called two times and started threatening. She called the police and was then contacted by the PET.

Kurt Westergaard from Aabenraa says he had gotten four death-threats by mail and four by telephone. He says the worst thing is that they had called his three children, all under 15. He's afraid that they will be kidnapped in the street. Two years ago it was the worst. Danes with a foreign accent threatened him that they will catch his family and murder him. He has spoken several times with the police about the threats against him and his family.

Source: Nyhedsavisen (Danish)