Norway: Looking to employ 100,000 Turks

Though it is the second richest nation in the world in terms of per capita income, Norway is now looking to Turkey for workers to fill the gaps left by its ageing population.

In a joint press conference with Labor Minister Faruk Çelik in Ankara, Norwegian Labor and Social Inclusion Minister Bjarne Hakon Hanssen announced on Thursday that Norway is planning to make changes to its immigration laws to allow it to host 100,000 Turks to fill jobs there.

Norwegians enjoy an average per capita yearly income of $45,000, around five times higher than Turks, while the average monthly income in Norway is around $4,000. But Norway is currently experiencing a serious lack of employees in a variety of sectors.

Hanssen said Norway's first move would be to lift some of the strict aspects of current Norwegian immigration laws, thereby opening up the way for much-needed Turkish employees. Minister Çelik said he had told Hanssen that within six months, 100,000 qualified employees from Turkey could be gathered. Çelik said his ministry was engaged in research on the Norwegiian market and that the sectors for which employees are needed will be clarified soon.

Minister Çelik also commented on Norway's relatively small population, noting that it amounted to around the same level as Ankara's. But he also pointed out its high average per capita income. He added, "There is no unemployment problem in Norway."

Hanssen pointed to the problems currently being experienced in various markets in Norway, noting that managers in Norway often ask him "What can I do, where can I find employees?" Hanssen asserted that qualified laborers from Turkey could be a great contribution to the Norwegian business market. He explained: "We plan on informing our companies in Norway about Turkey. There are many well-qualified but unemployed people in Turkey, and we plan on telling Norwegian businesses about these opportunities in Turkey."

Çelik said the large İş-Kur labor union currently has nearly 450,000 qualified laborers looking for work. Çelik also noted that while Norway had up until now largely filled its employment needs with people from Western Europe, the ageing demographics of Western Europe too were now forcing Norway to look elsewhere. The labor minister said there were currently around 13.5 million employable people in the 18-29 age range in Turkey.

Source: Today's Zaman (English)


Anonymous said...

Are they fucking nuts? Bring more riff-raff in? Jesus, I'm glad that in 300 years the next Prime Minister of Norway will be a Somali/Paki/Turk/-"Norwegian". All these naive white people can make themselves feel better in the name of 'multiculturalism', that Norwegian official should be HANGED.

Anonymous said...

Correction 4000$ isn't the Turkish salary rate that qualified jobs get. For engineers it is usually 10000-26000$ per month.. The cost of living is also much cheaper than in Norway..
And dont pay attention to he nationalistic idiot that commented before, he should be hanged, drawn and courted.. besides doesn't realize that some measures are done out of necessity.. plus there is a very big difference between the Turks living in Europe and the Turks living in Turkey.. ironically Turks in Turkey are by far more modern and less religious.

Anonymous said...

"And dont pay attention to he nationalistic idiot that commented before, he should be hanged, drawn and courted"

Do you get some sexual gratification about hanging and drawing people?

John Rohan said...

Hey, it worked great in the case of Germany. 200,000 Turks were brought in as guest workers, and now there are 2.5 million of them...

Unknown said...

Why Turkey?
Why not Eastern Europe or even China?

The Turks are just going to cause problems and they're not going to go home.

Anonymous said...

Norway is now looking to Turkey ---

WTF is this shit? is turkey the only country in the world? what about us in south america that adapt better than people over there? or what about asians? fuck this shit, enjoy your muslims.

Anonymous said...

I'm the 'nationalistic idiot' who commented before you.

I'll agree with this statement;

'plus there is a very big difference between the Turks living in Europe and the Turks living in Turkey.. ironically Turks in Turkey are by far more modern and less religious.'

I totally agree, that's why I want them to stay in their country. I have no problems with Turks, but stay in TURKey. So I guess I'm right, ass.

I would rather have Asians. They are much better in multi-cultural societies.

And as John said, look at Germany.

Anonymous said...

Well, don't believe everything the media writes about. Bjarne Håkon Hanssen says they have no plans on taking in 100,000 turks. Basically because most of them are analfabets and half of them living in Norway already, are not working...

Anonymous said...

When I read the comments I was shocked and asked God why you have created so many morons? Some comments extremely moronic and groundless. I am a shareholder of a Multinational Company which has many employees from different races and countries including Turks and Norwegians. Race never been an issue but skill and professional attitude in our company. I am proud to say that I am a Turk and very devoted Christian who knows how to follow Jesus without abusing his name. I am married with a noble Norwegian lady with lovely kids. I like to clarify Turks are not arabs nor pakis. Real Turks are caucasians, Genetically, historically and culturally they are more connected to Mongols, Hungarians, Finnish people and Yakutians. Turks adopted many religions. Whichever religion they believed they used in strong understanding and humanist way. Some well educated intellectual Jewish brothers will know that Turks (Khazarian Empire) only nation (Other than Hebrews) that adopted Judaism and strengthen over centuries with peace and integrity while some barbarian European nations slaughtered millions of Jews with co-operation of evil pagan Catholic leaders. There are some truth about today's Turkland communities, social issues are exist. Especially those middle eastern minorities like Kurds having hard time to integrate modern world. Some evil terrorist western powers are brainwashing them giving them gun and explosives to terrorize Turkland even choosing most illiterate of them to give chance to reside in Europe to do shitty works to give bad image to turks while their real identity kurds. About pakistanis yes they are indeed stupid idiot dangerous people same like those evil people in europe slaughtered many jews. Pakis also slaughtered many innocent Hindus, Christians and they are getting the support from their western evil brothers to terrorized the world and make dirty money with drug trading. Probably you have made those statement because of your connection to those evil ignorant people. Learn about history, cultures and religions. Your statements showing that how stupid morons you are. I am helping you to realize the truth if you still want to bush around your stupid racist inhuman thoughts thats your own choice to go to hell with.