Norway: Security agency warns of increased radicalism

Norway's state police agency in charge of national security (Politiets sikkerhets tjeneste, PST) reported Tuesday that Islamic extremism "will represent a considerable challenge" for Norway in coming years, and that it sees "indications of rising radicalism" both inside and outside the country.

Norway's contribution to NATO forces in Afghanistan is the main reason Norway is now viewed as a "legitimate target" of Islamic extremists, the PST claimed in its latest terrorism evaluation.

The PST, in charge of intelligence gathering in Norway, repeated earlier claims that most Islamic extremist activity in Norway comes in the form of support operations for terrorist activity overseas. It occurs "primarily in the form of money transfers to persons or groups overseas that are believed to be tied to extremist Islamic organizations," wrote the PST in its evaluation.


The PST said that's likely to continue, but rising radicalism in Norway "makes the national terror picture more unpredictable." Experience in other countries indicates that radicals "can quickly develop operative intentions and capacity," and be motivated by local political issues. They thus can "respond negatively" to national events or controversial political issues in Norway.

That raises the possibility, according to the PST, that radicals in Norway can travel to areas of conflict, reside in terrorist training camps, take part in jihad or " or take part in terrorist actions in Norway."

More 'registered threats'

The PST said it also was focusing on persons tied to both right-wing and left-wing extremist groups and animal rights activists. The number of persons tied to such groups was said to be "stable." The number of registered threats against Norwegian officials, though, has increased during the past three years.

PST's evaluation was described as "an analysis of expected development within the PST's main areas of responsibility, with focus on what can affect Norwegian security and damage national interests."

The evaluation is based on "various sources," according to the PST, including its own operative division and information from speciality institutions.

Source: Aftenposten (English)

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