Antwerp: Attack on bus, policeman injured

Two minors suspected of a violent bus incident were put into a youth institute, according to Eva Herreman of the Antwerp prosecution. They have partially confessed but are minimizing the events.

A 62 year old policeman was seriously injured Tuesday night during a violent incident with youth on a De Lijn bus in Antwerp.

The incident occurred around 8:30pm on bus 410 from Antwerp to Turnhout. A young couple were challenged and later also attacked by several youth of immigrant original. The man of the couple got various punches and kicks.

A 62 year old passenger identified himself immediately as a policeman and intervened together with the bus driver. The policeman was was seriously hit and kicked in the stomach, head and neck. The bus driver was unhurt.

When they kicked the youth off the bus at the Koningin Astrid square in Antwerp, the policeman was again attacked and received several blows from the youth who stood in the bus stop. The victim went back into the bus and sat down, and then the window where he was sitting was broken down by the same youth.

The man collapsed and lost consciousness. He was brought to a hospital in critical condition, but is currently out of danger. The prosecution did not want to give details about the character of his injuries. The age of the attackers was also not detailed, for the interests of the ongoing investigation.

The story bring to to mind the bus incident on June 24, 2006 when Guido Demoor was killed in the same place. He was also attacked by several immigrant youth after he asked them to calm down. Demoor got several punches and a kick to the chin which turned out to be fatal.

According to Tom Van der Vreken, spokesperson of De Lijn, the driver followed the emergency procedures. The bus drivers were told not to intervene in incidents, but rather to immediately notify dispatch in order to prevent the situation from escalating. Dispatch then decides whether to send inspectors and/or police.

According to Van der Vreken the driver in question followed the procedure but despite his wish the situation escalated, which they regret.

Sources: HLN 1, 2 (Dutch)

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Three people have been arrested so far on suspicion of taking part in the attack. Two brothers aged 14 and 16 from Serbo-Croatia, political refugees. A third youth is 15, also from the former Yugoslavia.

Sources: HLN 1, 2 (Dutch)

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