Belgium: Broadcasters receive video terror threat

Update: Dutch TV show Netwerk also got the same DVD. According to analysis, the video itself seems to have been montaged together from an existing clip. The Belgian Muslim community condemns the video and says it casts a stain on the Muslims in Belgium.

Source: GvA (Dutch)


Video and translation below.


Muslim terrorists are threatening Belgium with 'chaos, bloodshed and atrocious attacks' in a DVD they sent to various news editors. The police is checking if this is more than a sick joke.

In total three DVDs were sent to the editors of broadcasters VRT and VTM and to the alternative news site Indymedia. The DVDs show three masked men against a background of a sheet with Muslim writing.

One of the men sits down and recites a four minute long unintelligible text which is drown out by Islamic war-songs.

Two armed men stand in the background: one holding an AK-47 Kalashnikov machine gun, the other is a living bomb with explosives around his waist and on his chest.

The Dutch subtitles, which is written decent but not error-free Dutch and with knowledge of Islam, is a complaint against the Belgian military presence in Afghanistan and in particular of the F-16s which were recently sent over there by the minister of defense, Pieter De Crem. The minister announced at the beginning of the month that yet more soldiers will be sent to the north of Afghanistan in January.

The DVDs reputedly arrived last Thursday to VRT, VTM and Indymedia but were revealed only today.

They were in an envelope with the sender marked the Arabic broadcaster Al-Jazeera with an address in the Brussels Louizalaan. But Al-Jazeera do not have an office there, and at the address in question there was no clue to the sender.

The federal police picked up the videos from the editors of VTM and VRT yesterday afternoon. The people of Indymedia delivered their DVD themselves to the Schaarbeek local police.

The federal police made a first analysis of the DVDs already yesterday. Today there will be further voice and lab analyses. After the first analyses, OCAD (the organ for coordinating threats) decided yesterday that there is currently no reason to raise the threat level, which is currently at the lowest level, level 1. In comparison, during the Christmas alarm last year the terror threat was 4. The threat level will be analyzed again today.

The detectives are taking the DVDs very seriously but naturally have not ruled out that this is a sick joke. It is possible that the jokers took an existing film from the internet and made up the Dutch text themselves. But even than it's clear the perpetrators didn't just write whatever.

"It is the first time that we find such films in our country,' says Jaak Raes of the government crisis center.

Jayshou Alkitaal [ed: army of war]

I take refuge with Allah against the cursed Satan. In the name of Allah the merciful, the compassionate the most merciful, all praise belongs to Allah.

Him we love and him we ask for help and forgiveness. Whoever is led by Allah knows no deception. And whoever he puts on the wrong track knows no guidance. I bear witness that there is no true God besides Allah alone.

And I bear witness that Mohammed is his servant and his messenger, peace be with him.

And with his family members and his companions, may Allah be satisfied with them. Till now Belgium kept aloof from the war that the neo-crusaders started against Islam.

We however understood that this situation has been changed by sending F16's and people to Afghanistan. This decision by the Belgian government is a clear signal and an expression of hostility towards Islam.

Therefore we respond with this message.

First, to the Belgian government: the mistake that you are making, concerns not only your government but every citizen in this small country. Or do you think you can shoot our brothers, children and women; while your women and children sit safely at home?

The honor of one Muslim is dearer to us than this whole country, with its residents, democracy together.

Your land will therefore dwell in chaos, bloodshed and atrocious attacks that could happen at any moment, in any place.

Second, to the Belgian population: You hide behind man-made laws, called democracy, to continue further with your bestial and shameful customs such as pedophilia, murder and adultery.

But there's another side to this coin, namely that you are also responsible for the deeds of your government. Don't forget that it will be YOUR blood that will flow, through a decision that your government took of its own interest.

Your only way out is the following:

Pressure the government to immediately withdraw the troops in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries.

Know that silence is approval of atrocities and that making your voice heard condemns evil. Learn from history and take care that Madrid, London and New York don't repeat themselves in Belgium.

Know that we have no pity on you and that we desire death just as you love this life.

A fighter on the path of Allah has just one goal: martyrdom.

Third, to our Muslim brothers and sisters: We advise you not to be bullied by the political game of the government and the media. Don't speak out of fear or despair, provided that these unbelievers declared war on Allah and the outcome of it is clear.

Victory belongs to Allah, to his messenger and to his believers. Trust Allah, be not afraid, join the caravan of victory.

Muslim brothers and sisters: avoid public and busy places and places of fornication.

Forget us not in your prayers.

Sources: De Standaard, GvA (Dutch)

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Ferdy said...

This video is a fake, if these guys would made a real statement meant for us, we would have had a sound track instead of this jihad song on the sound track. Such a statement would indeed create fear, but this? I bet this is just recycled material downloaded from the internet.

drewr said...
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