Paris: Tunisian terror suspects connected to Belgian cell

Four Tunisian Islamists, who are suspected of having connections with the terror cell which sent a Belgian suicide bomber to Iraq in November 2005, appeared in court in Paris.  The four men are accused of membership in a group with terrorist aims.  A number are also accused of using false documentation and being in the country illegally.

Ahmed Bentaieb (30), who was interrogated this morning, was arrested by the French police in Paris on November 30, 2005.  He's suspected of rendering logistical support to a Belgian recruiting cell of terrorists who sent Belgian kamikaze Muriel Degauque to Iraq.

Degauque, a Belgian who converted to Islam, blew herself up on November 9, 2005, when she was 38 years old.  She was the first Western female suicide bomber in Iraq.  She blew herself up in an attack on an American convoy.  Her husband, Issam Gorris, was killed by American soldiers just before he wanted to commit suicide.  [ed: suicide bombers don't 'commit suicide'.  They kill. ]

When Ahmed Bentaieb was arrested there was also a raid in Belgium, where Bilal Soughir was arrested.  he was suspected of being the leader of a Belgian network and was sentenced in Belgium to ten years in prison.

The French police also succeeded in arresting three other suspected Islamists: Kamel Mosbah (47), Fredj Aloulou (34) and Mourad Loghmari (25)

Source: De Morgen (Dutch)

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