Denmark: Terror suspect acquitted

Intelligence agency PET's methods are being scrutinised after an acquittal on Tuesday - the fifth in the nation's four biggest terror cases

A third man who was part of the much-publicised Glasvej terror case was found not guilty on Tuesday by a district court in Glostrup.

The 23-year-old SÜ had been charged with planning the kidnapping of Danish soldiers abroad, who were then to be used as bargaining chips for the release of his two friends. The friends had been previously convicted in the Glasvej case for planning a terror action in Denmark.

SÜ had allegedly chatted on the internet with a since-convicted Al-Qaeda member about taking the hostages, but prosecutors failed to prove the young man's plans were anything more than talk.

But SÜ's release has put intelligence agency PET under the microscope, as he is the fifth person to be cleared of charges in Denmark's four big terror trials over the past three years.

Lars Lindhard, chairman of the Danish Bar and Law Society, said that in some cases PET has been too eager dub an action 'terrorism'.

'PET needs to be more down-to-earth in these cases,' he said. 'These trials have shown that the agency isn't above the legal system and won't be favouritised by the courts.'

Lindhard said PET should be 'very certain' that charges against suspects will stick before sending a case to the courts.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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