Norway: One-time-use hijabs

For the first time the Islamic Council of Norway approved a one-time-use hijab which can be discarded after use and calls this good integration in practice.

The hijab will be part of the uniform at Nortura, which produces egg and meat products.

The manager of Nortura, Nina Sundqvist,
models the one-time-use hijab.

Shoaib Sultan of the Islamic Council said in a press release that this is good integration in practice. It's the first time that the Islamic Council of Norway was involved in a process by approving the one-time-use hijab. He said that it's very good that the company adapted to a multicultural staff.

Nortura employs people of 70 different nationalities who make up 20% of the 7,000 employees.

Headgear is a natural part of the work attire in order to take care of the hygiene requirements in Nortura. Until now the company had to get one-time-use hijabs from Sweden for this purpose, but they were originally meant to be used in hospitals.

Sources: Dagbladet, SA (Norwegian)


Nabila said...

Wonderfull, mashaAllah. This shows that there is a place for us after all.

nunya said...

God those things are ugly.

James McKenzie said...
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