Belgium: French intelligence specialist talks about the threat of radical Islam

I don't usually repost my own articles, but this is the first time I've posted a video and since then I've learned how to add subtitles.

Eric Denécé heads the Centre français de recherche sur le renseignement (French Center for Intelligence Research) and is editor of the magazine Renseignement et opérations spéciales (intelligence and special operations).

He was interviewed by Belgian broadcaster VRT on occasion of an intelligence agency conference in Brussels. In the interview he spoke quite openly about the threat of Islamic radicalism.

I upload the movie to YouTube a couple of days ago, together with a written translation, but since then I've been toying with ways to add the subtitles into the clip. I first tried using YouTube's own subtitles tool, but not everybody is aware that the subtitles exist. Therefore I integrated the subtitles and uploaded again.

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