Germany: Attacks on Jews, Muslim cemetery

Interestingly enough I couldn't find an English news site mentioning who committed the attack against the Jews.  German news reports that two suspects were apprehended, aged 16 and 18, both of immigrant background.  The 18 year old is the son of a Lebanese father and German mother.  The 'anti-Semitic' slurs included "Death to the Jews".  (Welt, Berliner Zeitung)

Stay tuned for the reaction of the Muslim community.


Jewish leaders expressed outrage Monday over two "hate crimes" committed in Germany over the weekend, before the 70th anniversary of the Nazis' Kristallnacht pogrom.

Police reported that two men in a car cut off a minivan carrying a rabbi and eight rabbinical students in Berlin early Sunday and repeatedly shouted anti-Semitic slurs before throwing a burning object at the vehicle.

In a separate incident, vandals overturned 17 gravestones at a Muslim cemetery in the northern city of Hamburg late Friday, daubed Stars of David on several and draped others with a sheet emblazoned with a Nazi swastika, authorities said.

"Investigators' first impression was that this anti-Semitic/xenophobic act against Muslims was apparently committed by ignorant people with no knowledge of politics and was unique in its kind," Hamburg police said in a statement.

The Berlin office of the American Jewish Committee condemned the incidents in a statement.


Source: The Local (English)

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