Spain: Imams recalled by Morocco

After recalling Dutch Moroccan imams, Morocco turns its attention to Spain.


Morocco has called more than 100 imams based in Spain to a meeting in Marrakesh as part of its attempts to fight Islamist radicalism among Moroccan emigrants, the Spanish daily El Pais reported Friday.

Representatives of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs were to meet the imams over the weekend.

Moroccan government sources were not immediately available for comment.

The meeting was to discuss "the organisation of Moroccan immigration in Spain from the religious point of view," said Mohammed Kharchich, a representative of one of Spain's Islamic associations.

Representatives of Italian Muslims were to meet in Marrakesh the same weekend.

Two weeks ago, Rabat authorities invited 40 imams based in the Netherlands to a meeting in Morocco. The meeting sparked controversy in the Netherlands amid accusations that Morocco was interfering in Dutch internal affairs.

Some Spain-based imams rejected Morocco's invitation on similar grounds.


Source: Expatica (English)

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