Italy: 'Immigrants source of strength'

And Italy is becoming stronger and stronger.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano said on Thursday that immigrants are a new source of strength for the Italian nation. Napolitano made the remarks at the Quirinal Palace, the official residence of the President while receiving a group of immigrants who recently acquired Italian citizenship.

"This influx of new energy coming from every part of the world that has established itself here is a factor of freshness and strength for the Italian nation," said Napolitano.

Napolitano also said he would like to see the end of what he calls 'old prejudices' against immigrants. There are now close to four million legal immigrants living in Italy according to figures released earlier this month by Catholic charities Caritas and Migrantes.

"There is a need for openness and appreciation towards foreigners that become Italian citizens: workers, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, athletes, managers," he said.


Source: AKI (English)

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