Denmark: Bashy Quraishy bashes Denmark, attacked by Khader

The video is available on YouTube. 


The Syrian-born Leader of the Liberal Alliance Party Naser Khader is accusing a fellow Dane, Pakistani-born Bashy Quraishy of being a swindler with a questionable CV who travels around Europe on EU funds to spread negative stories about Denmark.

Khader says he is not surprised that Quraishy is urging Muslim countries to boycott Denmark in protest against the influence the Danish People's Party exerts on Danish politics.

"This is treason of the worst type. I don't understand why he's so busy damaging the country that has given him a home. He's not even a practicing Muslim and I certainly don't understand his urge to involve totalitarian countries in Danish conditions," Naser Khader says according to Ritzau.

Quraishy: ignorance

'I will not dignify Khader's remarks with an answer. This is the way a failed politician is simply trying to get into the news,' Bashy Quraishy tells

"If someone like Naser Khader, with his reputation, tries to accuse someone like me of treason, then it simply means he doesn't know the meaning of the word. I love Denmark. It is my country and homeland. Why can't I criticise the country I love," says Quraishy.

"I travel around the world and have to explain to people why such a small party has such a great influence on politics in Denmark. I do not go in for violence or loud demonstrations. I believe in the political and democratic process. But I have to explain to people around the world why Denmark is as it is," says Quraishy.


In video footage available on the Internet in English, Quraishy accuses the Danish People's Party of having changed Denmark from being a humanistic country to an Islamophobic country.

He mentions several concrete instances of Danish People's Party statements in which Islam is compared to a cancerous growth, headscarves compared to swastikas and other similar statements.

The worst thing, according to Quraishy, is that the Danish People's Party is the third largest party in Parliament – and that is something the world should react against, he feels.

"This is a ten minute long video in which I say a lot of things. (Khader) has landed on a small part of the video," Quraishy says.

In the video he is reported as saying: "Muslim countries should also react strongly. This could be a political or economic boycott – I don't know, but it is important that the Muslim countries send a clear signal."  
[He's not 'reported', he says it straight out at ~8:30min, though this quote comes through a Danish translation]

"As for my CV – well, I won't dignify this with an answer. Those who know me, know differently, and that is what is important," Quraishy says from his hotel room in Paris.

Source: Politiken (English)

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