Spain: New Taliban threat video

The video threatens Denmark, Israel, Australia, the UN, the US, Spain and France, though the flags all seem to be backwards.

Click here for a clip from the video.

The Taliban has threatened to stage attacks on five Western nations deploying troops in Afghanistan in a video discovered by Spanish security forces, a local radio station said Wednesday.

The United States, Spain, France, Denmark and Australia are warned in the 42-minute video along with Israel, news radio Cadena Ser said.

It "threatens NATO and US troops with attacks against their interests inside and outside of Afghan territory if they do not withdraw from Afghanistan," the radio said.

Cadena Ser said the video was distributed on 14 November, five days after two Spanish soldiers were killed in a suicide bomb attack on their convoy in western Afghanistan.

In the opening minutes of the video, posted on the radio station's website, the flags of the six threatened nations and that of the United Nations are suddenly engulfed in flames and then replaced by a solitary Islamic flag.

A man who is thought to be a Taliban leader and surrounded by four armed men, is then shown speaking in Dari, a dialect of Persian widely spoken in Afghanistan. The faces of the five men are covered.

Spanish security forces have given "total credibility" to the video, which is believed to have been produced in northern Afghanistan and then broadcast on a jihadist television channel, the radio station said.

It was not clear when the video was recorded.


Source: Expatica (English)


joe six-pack said...

Makes sense that Spain would be a good target for a number of reasons.

1) Spain is in NATO.
2) The Spainish election was possibly altered by the attacks just prior to the election. Spain has shown that they can be swayed by attack.
3) Spain was once control by Islam. It is 'occupied' land the way that Islam looks at it. said...

Yep Joe. Spain will be the next major focus after they destroy Israel. It appears as if they arent even waiting for that.
Deep deep heartfelt condolences to the good people of India on their 911