Third Anniversary

This week I mark the third anniversary of the 'Islam in Europe' blog. After three years of writing about the same subject, I sometimes wonder how journalists do it. There are many news stories that don't seem 'new'. Sometimes because newspapers really do recycle old stories, but sometimes also because the events seem to repeat themselves.

Year by year my blog has grown, bringing news from more and more places around Europe. But, being only one person and having only 24 hours a day and a full time job, I can't keep up with everything that happens. There are many news reports I put aside in order to post later but never get around to doing so.

I post stories according to what interests me. I'd like to use this opportunity to ask you, my readers, what subjects interest you. The poll is multiple choice, comments are welcome :-)

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Mark Tapson said...

Just wanted to say you're doing a great job, Esther. Thanks for all your hard work!

AMDG said...

Happy birthday. Keep on.

John Sobieski said...

I could not get the vote to work. I know it is hard to put so much time into fighting the jihad. So many enemies plotting. Keep up the good work.

Dag said...

Esther, I come here daily due to your proven good judgment in providing worthwhile copy. If I have any suggestions in future, please ignore me and continue your fine work as always.

[Hi, John.]

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you, Esther. 3 years is a big achievement. Still don't understand how you manage it but its great work. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

Thankyou for your time and effort and the valuable service you provide.

John Rohan said...

You do a very good job, and manage to remain fairly objective on the subject - that's a big reason why I link to Islam in Europe from my site.

Keep up the good work, even if it doesn't feel like you're appreciated sometimes.

Omedianews said...

first of all,esther, i think you are doing a sacred work.

about your question-
1. I'd like to know figures:
a. number of muslims in each country in europe.
2. how many of them study in madrassa compare to others in secular schools
3. i want more surveys about their opinion on israel and jews. try to find a pro jewish one. i know one italian muslim cleric, but are there more?
4.i want more info about the activity of radicals in universities in europe.

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Hi there. Congrats...are you familiar with David Horowitz's-


Angelika said...

Esther, I think you are fabulous. As a phd student, your blog is a font of knowledge and resources. So many things I have found on your page lead me down paths to even more interesting info. Thanks so so much. I do not know how you do it!!!!